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10 = 50?

So how does that happen? Since when does 10 equal 50? Well, sometimes the power and potential of Torrent Shotcrete can result in some pretty impressive math.

Mardina Construction contracted Torrent to shoot 18” thick, high-lift walls on one of their projects – 10 shoots in total were booked. These walls were unique in that they were for a cold storage project and each wall, floor to ceiling, measured 25 feet high! Mardina chose Torrent because they were aware that shotcrete structural walls can be erected in significantly less time than cast-in-place applications and because of Torrent’s reputation for quality.

Torrent shot 14-foot lifts against specially designed, one-sided shoot panels and then moving the panels up to finish the remaining height up to the full 25 feet. These were thick walls (up to 18 in) with dense rebar configurations. To say it went well is bit of an understatement. In fact, the process went so well that Torrent was able to finish even faster than was originally estimated, with excellent quality that more than met client expectations. Mardina was so pleased that they expanded the original 10 shoot contract to a full 50 shoots! Torrent’s speed and quality were making a such difference to overall project scheduling and quality expectations, the original plans for cast-in-place applications for the balance of the structural walls were set aside and replaced with shotcrete.

So when does 10 equal 50? When Torrent’s proof of quality, speed and innovative application methodology changes the playing field and makes the math simple!

Torrent Shotcrete. More wall. Everyday.

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