At the Torrent Group, our mantra is More Wall. Every Day. But it’s not just a mantra; it’s a statement of fact. And we’ve got the numbers to back it up. In an eventful June 2016, Torrent shattered its own record for total air-placed structural concrete applied in a one-month period. The air-placement of concrete or “shooting”, as it’s commonly referred to, is a highly efficient application methodology that is accelerating project schedules across the country.  The numbers tell the story.

112. Across Canada, the Torrent Group completed individual 112 shoots in three different provinces: BC, Alberta and Ontario.

130,000. The total combined volume of our June shoots was an astounding 130,000 square feet! And every square foot was applied with the uncompromising dedication to quality and craftsmanship that Torrent has built its industry-leading reputation upon. Our highly skilled crews worked on a variety of projects ranging from below-grade reinforced foundation walls to decorative rainforest rock replica walls that showcased not only our technical savvy, but the high degree of creativity our talented professionals are renowned for as well.

20,000,000. The 130,000 square feet volume placed in June represents close to 20 million pounds of air-placed concrete! Architects, structural engineers and building contractors are all reaping the benefits of air-placed concrete application technology to make their projects come to life faster and more efficiently. And best of all, without any sacrifice in quality or craftsmanship.

Big numbers from the biggest name in air-placed structural concrete in Canada – the Torrent Group. More Wall. Every Day.