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Blending with Nature

The perfect location at British Columbia’s world-renowned Whistler ski-resort. A premiere property and a dream house built to exacting specifications. It all adds up to a showcase home with delighted owners.

But when the owners decided to make some additions, that’s where things started to get tricky. If you’ve ever been to the town of Whistler, you know that what sets its luxury neighbourhoods apart is the care and attention the residents give to harmonizing any architectural development with the magnificent natural surroundings.

In order to make the significant additions to their home of a garage with an adjacent workout facility and infinity pool and spa, very careful consideration would have to be given to ensuring the additions would blend in with the landscaping provided by mother nature. This would be no simple bolt-on addition that may have been possible in other jurisdictions. And to make things even more challenging, everything would have to be accomplished within tight property parameters coupled with the requirements of the City of Whistler.

Torrent was brought in to partner in the conceptual design and execution of a retaining wall with an intricate rock-carving facade that would serve as an entrance to the new addition, functionally hiding the infinity pool from street view while being complimentary to the mountainous terrain. Torrent’s design and execution plan accomplished exactly what the owners were looking for, all within the constraints of budget, property guideline restrictions, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The wall is complete now and final colour staining will occur in Spring of 2019.

Torrent is dedicated to providing exceptional service and results at every level. Whether it’s an urban hi-rise or an architectural dream home, Torrent continues to live up to its promise of More Wall, Every Day.


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