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24Jan 2022

So how does that happen? Since when does 10 equal 50? Well, sometimes the power and potential of Torrent Shotcrete can result in some pretty impressive math. Mardina Construction contracted Torrent to shoot 18” thick, high-lift walls on one of their projects – 10 shoots in total were booked. These walls were unique in that […]

06May 2021

  In just about any business you can think of, it’s a truism that time is money.  So it makes sense that any time you can save on a project schedule will equate to real bottom-line savings. But that only works if the quality is still there. Sacrificing quality simply for speed is not a […]

15Sep 2020

One of the most important variables in determining success in the shotcrete arena is field training. Excellence in execution come from two things – experience and education. As the training and communications director at Torrent, it’s always a great pleasure when I get to see these two variables in action at a site. During a […]

15Apr 2020

In the April 2020 edition of WIRED magazine, Canadian innovator, CarbonCure Technologies is featured in a very interesting article on what the construction industry is working on right now to lower the environmental impact of concrete manufacturing. “Researchers and entrepreneurs around the world are working on projects to make cleaner concrete. The most promising are […]

12Feb 2020

Exoskeletons have been around for decades, both in real life and in science fiction. While a number of companies make exoskeleton suits for construction and manufacturing use, they’ve made limited headway as of yet in the construction field and few, if any, construction companies have adopted them. But that could all change very quickly. The […]

19Nov 2019

Our business here at Torrent revolves around concrete and concrete’s main ingredient is cement. Unfortunately, the production of cement, up until now, has been dependent on fossil fuel and is responsible for approximately 8% of global emissions of CO2. But that could change soon with new technology that has just been revealed to the marketplace. […]

25Sep 2019

Temporary shelters in humanitarian disaster areas need to be erected quickly and efficiently.  An innovative Spanish architecture firm has come up with a way to make this happen using bamboo, fabric, shotcrete and drones! This article featured in Fast Company magazine shows how the flexibility of shotcrete application methodology is an integral component of this […]

23Aug 2019

It’s not just Torrent who’s singing the praises of the rapid growth of shotcrete technology. Check out this new and informative article by Graham Cameron from Daily Commercial News by Construct Connect.  Just click on the quote below to read… Shotcrete’s time is now here, say its advocates   It’s great to see evidence of […]

05Jun 2019

The North Shore Mountains in Vancouver’s lower mainland are synonymous with West Coast living. But as more development occurs in the areas that surround these majestic hills, traffic congestion is as an unfortunate by-product. In order to help alleviate this, regional planners have begun an ambitious project that will see the highway leading down through […]

21Mar 2019

There is no shortage of changes, both positive and negative, facing the construction industry in 2019. Here are the top 10 items on the Canadian Construction industry radar for this year: 1) Confidence in Canada Approval issues for major projects and Canada’s relative tax disadvantage versus the U.S. could cause trouble for builders as investors […]