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Waterproof shotcrete? You bet!

Waterproof shotcrete? You bet! For all its wonderful attributes and the undeniable impact it's had on the building industry, concrete does have one inherent challenge that can't be avoided; it's not waterproof. All concrete, regardless of application methodology, is susceptible…

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The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth When it comes to shotcrete, there are still a few misconceptions out there. When you don't know all the facts, you can't make the best decisions. We're pretty sure you're interested in making more money, in less…

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Congestion Breakthrough

Congestion Breakthrough Urban construction is booming. That's great for our industry, but it's not without its own unique challenges. Working on tight sites in busy, congested downtown areas is always a construction challenge. Accessing sites with equipment and materials inevitably…

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Tight Sites Done Right

Tight Sites Done Right In the downtown urban environments of today, real estate is hard to come by and increasingly expensive. As a result, every available space, no matter how small, is being investigated for potential development. With more and…

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