24Jan 2019

  The Torrent HardSet Tool In our first segment in our safety series, we looked at how the Torrent Shotcrete Blowout System provides better process control and worker safety when it comes to cleaning out hoses after a shoot In this second segment, we look at The Torrent HardSet Tool. Determining if the recently applied […]

03Aug 2017

It seems there are still some misconceptions regarding structural shotcrete and the issue of blindside honeycombing and voids that ultimately affect water tightness. There’s an erroneous opinion in some corners of our industry that shotcrete applications result in more honeycombing and voiding issues than form-and-pour applications. It’s just not true. Let’s set the record straight […]

21Jun 2017

Safety is a concern for every industry, but for the construction industry, where working environments can often involve the potential for serious injury, its importance is paramount. Within the shotcrete segment of the industry, Torrent is setting the bar for safety innovation. Given structural shotcrete’s recent entry to BC and the relatively small size of […]