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Torrent Recognized for Excellence at ASA Awards

Awards season in the shotcrete industry has just wrapped up and Torrent Shotcrete is delighted to have been recognized as the shotcrete provider for a winning entry in the American Shotcrete Association’s 2022 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Conference and Banquet.

Torrent was contracted by Soncin Construction to provide shotcrete services for the Mount Pleasant Subway station in Toronto and this ambitious project was the declared the winner of the ASA’s 2022 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Award in the Infrastructure Category. With entries from around the globe, Torrent was thrilled to be recognized as a world-class shotcrete provider in this highly competitive category.

Shotcrete services provided by Torrent were employed to construct up to 1.5 m thick, heavily reinforced underground station walls. This ground-breaking project was the first of its kind, worldwide, to use of a 70% slag replacement for cement in the shotcrete mix design. This innovation not only produced a low heat of hydration mix and low shrinkage shotcrete, but also provided a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, reducing the project’s greenhouse gas impact.

WSP Engineering, a lead partner on the project, highlighted these project successes by presenting a technical paper at the conference entitled “Construction of Thick, Heavily Reinforced Underground Station Walls Using Low Heat of Hydration 70% Slag Shotcrete at Mount Pleasant Station on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT Project in Toronto, Canada”.

Torrent was involved in the fine-tuning of the mix design to ensure that not only would it meet all engineering specifications and requirements, but also that this specialty concrete could be efficiently deployed using the shotcrete application technology pioneered by Torrent for ensuring industry-leading encapsulation in dense rebar environments.

Torrent’s Director of Construction, Carl King noted, “When mock up tests were conducted, Torrent hit 90% on encapsulating measurements right out of the gate, where other shotcrete providers were only achieving 50%. But we didn’t stop there. With some fine-tuning and collaboration with our concrete partners on the mix design, we were able to achieve full 100% encapsulation.

“I truly believe that’s a testament to our specialized application methods for dense rebar projects with high-thickness walls, as well as our ability to work collaboratively with partners to go the extra yard to achieve the best results possible.”

The construction contractor, Crosslinx Transit Solutions, was delighted with the results and the success at the Mount Pleasant station led the way to continued work on additional subway stations along the Eglinton subway line. Torrent’s customized process accelerated project schedules at these stations while improving quality and reducing overall costs.

It seems the industry noticed too and Director of Sales, John Rayner was on hand at the ASA’s 2022 Shotcrete Awards Banquet to enthusiastically accept this prestigious award on behalf of the entire innovative team at Torrent Shotcrete.

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