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High-End Finish … Fast!


High-End Finish... FAST!

Our client, Hardwall Forming, needed a 1.2m x 1m grade beam with a high-end finish in a hurry, for their Manderley Condo project.  This was an element that would have been almost impossible to form conventionally.

Torrent worked with the team at Hardwall to pre-plan the shoot carefully and after multiple site visits to ensure feasibility and readiness, we got the go ahead to begin the complex application. The end result was excellent – a testament to the experience and craftsmanship of the Torrent team. All work was completed faster than expected and with the highest degree of quality. A combination that exceeded client expectations!

Torrent specializes in challenging and complex concrete applications. Bring your special challenge to us and let us show you our innovation at work.

Torrent Shotcrete. More wall. Every day.

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