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High-Speed, High-Quality Upgrade for Valery Homes

For Valery Homes, acquiring and upgrading existing properties is an important component of their overall business model. Valery worked with Torrent to assistance with an upgrade of an existing building where the underground parking garage walls needed substantial updating and repair.

Ground water was the culprit causing damage to the existing parking garage walls.

Valery homes initial approach to the repair involved a complex, single-sided formwork system that would have added significant time to the construction schedule.

Due to the complicated nature of working in an existing structure, the process would have taken approximately 3- 4 weeks of form, pour and strip per parking garage level, and with 2 levels of parking garage to repair, another 2 months would be added to the construction schedule.

Shotcrete provided a better alternative – one that would deliver the quality required in far less time.

Torrent worked with the clients to ensure installation of waterproofing barriers and reinforcing steel was installed correctly prior to shotcrete application. Once the waterproofing and reinforcing steel was installed, shotcrete installation began.

Torrent installed 200ft of 8ft high wall, 12 inches in depth. a total of 56 Cubic meters. These foundation walls installed and finished in 10 – 12 hrs over 2 days. A dramatic savings in time!

Working in existing spaces where access is limited is a perfect fit for shotcrete as the application flexibility of shotcrete allows for less complicated and faster structural upgrading.

The speed and quality of the end result delighted the client who commented, “If we had done this on our own using conventional formwork, without Torrent’s assistance, we’d still be on the job for weeks after the shotcrete installation was finished.   We’re very happy with the result and how Torrent’s expertise gave us such a quick turnaround with excellent quality.”

Shotcrete is the go-to application for structural wall repair and Torrent is the industry leader in quality and speed of application.

Torrent Shotcrete. More wall. Everyday.

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