Flexible Concrete!

With natural disasters continuing to make to make headlines the world over, there’s understandably an intensified focus on doing whatever possible to mitigate the often disastrous effects of mother nature’s fury. With that in mind, recent findings by researchers at the University of British Columbia regarding the development of an eco-friendly concrete that flexes to […]


In Search of Blindside Excellence

It seems there are still some misconceptions regarding structural shotcrete and the issue of blindside honeycombing and voids that ultimately affect water tightness. There’s an erroneous opinion in some corners of our industry that shotcrete applications result in more honeycombing and voiding issues than form-and-pour applications. It’s just not true. Let’s set the record straight […]


Safety Innovators – Part 1 in a series

Safety is a concern for every industry, but for the construction industry, where working environments can often involve the potential for serious injury, its importance is paramount. Within the shotcrete segment of the industry, Torrent is setting the bar for safety innovation. Given structural shotcrete’s recent entry to BC and the relatively small size of […]


Waterproof shotcrete? You bet!

For all its wonderful attributes and the undeniable impact it’s had on the building industry, concrete does have one inherent challenge that can’t be avoided; it’s not waterproof. All concrete, regardless of application methodology, is susceptible to leaking when proper preparation steps are not taken. It doesn’t matter if the application methodology is shotcrete or […]


The Whole Truth

When it comes to shotcrete, there are still a few misconceptions out there. When you don’t know all the facts, you can’t make the best decisions. We’re pretty sure you’re interested in making more money, in less time and with a lot less hassle. Sound about right? Thought so. So take a look at our […]


Man Made. Naturally.

Retaining walls are functional. Everyone knows that. But what if they had to be beautiful and natural; to look like they were part of the existing environment while still ensuring the necessary structural integrity? That was the challenge Torrent faced when they were contacted by a private client in the resort town of Whistler, BC. […]


Vancouver House Update – Beating the Clock

Construction on the ground-breaking Vancouver House project in the downtown core is well underway and Torrent is giving the project owners a dramatic scheduling advantage. The numbers are in for Torrent’s work on the below-grade portion of the site and they’re impressive to say the least. Torrent’s original schedule analysis predicted a 20-day savings in […]


Congestion Breakthrough

Urban construction is booming. That’s great for our industry, but it’s not without its own unique challenges. Working on tight sites in busy, congested downtown areas is always a construction challenge. Accessing sites with equipment and materials inevitably creates additional traffic congestion with lane closures and frustration for motorists. The issue has leaped to the […]


Concrete Trees in the Rainforest

A huge concrete water reservoir rank is not what you’d normally expect to see in a British Columbia rainforest. So how does one go about softening the stark contrast of concrete construction and natural beauty? That was the challenge Metro Vancouver faced when their newest water reservoir tank was built near the entrance to popular […]


Tight Sites Done Right

Building it Right on a Tight Site In the downtown urban environments of today, real estate is hard to come by and increasingly expensive. As a result, every available space, no matter how small, is being investigated for potential development. With more and more people wanting to migrate to the center of cities to take […]