Fort McMurray Oil Sands

A failing wall at the Fort McMurray Oil Sands site required extensive repair. Torrent assisted in the planning and reconstruction of the damaged retaining wall in a limited access area. Our planners and shoot team ensured that the repairs were completed with the highest standards of quality while not impeding the daily on-site production.

Nicomekl River Pump Station Rebuilds

Replacing two separate pump stations on the Nicomekl River in Delta, British Columbia called for structures that would have a long lifespan and be impervious to the harsh surroundings. Because the structures would be exposed to water, they required a combination of high density and low porosity in the concrete build - tailor-made for shotcrete application. Torrent was able to meet these project criteria while working in tight quarters within existing infrastructure to create stations that would withstand the test of time and the challenges of natural elements.