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Innovation Triple Play

With the pace of commercial construction in Canada’s major urban markets ramping up dramatically with no signs of things slowly down, it’s more important than ever for construction companies to look for opportunities to innovate creatively to meet the challenges of demanding schedules. When companies can come together to strategically assess projects, the possibilities for innovation can be tantalizing.

A superior musical instrument in the hands of an average musician will produce a nice melody, but in the hands of a true master, the melody becomes a full orchestral masterpiece. The magic happens when all components merge together in perfect harmony.

Such is the case when Torrent, our customer, 2 Pillars Construction and formwork system supplier, Doka came together recently to achieve astounding gains in project speed on 2 Pillar’s Station Square project in Burnaby, BC.

The 2 Pillars team of Kurtis Masse (General Superintendent), Matt Plett (Superintendent) and James Andrew (Master Foreman) are recognized experts at maximizing the efficiency of the innovative Doka deck system; a formwork system that can generate times savings of over 40% and labour cost savings of upwards of 50% when compared with conventional formwork systems.

In fact, the 2 Pillars team’s expertise is so well regarded when it comes to fully leveraging the Doka system, that Doka has featured 2 Pillars in its marketing videos to demonstrate how maximum efficiency can be obtained when the Doka system is applied properly.

The 2 Pillars team is also aware of how shotcrete provides them with a further strategic advantage because of its application speed and flexibility, coupled with the reduction of formwork requirements compared with conventional form and pour methodologies. Working with the Torrent Shotcrete team has virtually turbo-charged the already distinct advantage of the Doka formwork system for 2 Pillars.

The full breadth of the shotcrete advantage is brought to the table by Torrent’s expert crew who work hand-in-hand with the 2 Pillars team, applying their knowledge, experience and creative expertise to develop truly innovative solutions.

These industry leaders are setting new standards for project forming speed and overall cost savings, the likes of which have never been seen to date. It’s truly ground-breaking stuff and the industry as a whole is poised to take a big leap forward in productivity as it starts to adopt this new direction.

“It’s all about speed and quality,” offers Kurtis Masse. “When we work strategically with partners like Torrent and Doka, we’re able to achieve both without sacrifice. At the end of the day, that means greater productivity and stronger bottom lines for everyone. It really is a win-win-win situation and we’re delighted and proud to partner with people who share our passion for breaking barriers and finding new ways to push through old mindsets.”

Torrent Shotcrete. More wall, every day. In new and innovative ways!

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