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Innovating for today and tomorrow

As Canada's premiere structural shotcrete provider since 2010, TORRENT SHOTCRETE has been a pivotal partner in the construction of many of Canada's most advanced and prestigious facilities. Our extensive portfolio of projects ranges from concrete hi-rises and large-scale civil engineering projects to individual residential structures and sculpted architectural design features. TORRENT is at the forefront of an exciting evolution in concrete usage in the construction industry. More and more construction projects are moving away from the constraints of standard concrete formwork and cast-in-place construction and are migrating to the myriad of advantages provided by shotcrete in structural applications. TORRENT is recognized as an international pioneer in shotcrete innovation with many of the most recent advancements originating from our own research and development team. But even more than the technologies and techniques we have helped pioneer, it's the professional relationships we have forged with clients and contractors that sets us apart. We understand the requirements and expectations of contractors and our consultative approach has made us an invaluable resource to those clients who want to shatter the boundaries of construction methodology. To learn more, explore  OUR STORY.

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