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Shotcrete opens up all kinds of creative possibilities to architects and designers because of its inherent application flexibility. Torrent is recognized as a creative leader in specialty concrete finishing and is a highly sought-after partner for finishing design.

South Fraser Perimeter Road Retaining Wall - Delta, BC

Retaining walls serve an important functional role in roadway and environmental safety, but rarely are they considered aesthetically pleasing. That's where shotcrete and the pros at Torrent can make all the difference. The South Fraser Perimeter Road retaining wall in Delta, BC was constructed to the highest functional standards while fitting in beautifully with the surrounding physical environment. Form married with function to the highest standards!

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  • Staging Preparation Complete

    Scaffolding is erected and job is fully staged, ready for shooting to begin.

  • Base Stage of Shooting Complete

    The wall has been shot completely with the base application and is ready for the final architectural rock-scape finish.

  • Architectural Finish Being Applied

    Rock-scape finishing is applied and custom carved to yield a more natural, environmentally appropriate appearance.

  • The Final Wall is Complete!

    This long stretch of highway-adjacent wall is both structurally strong and beautifully finished.

The Spa at One Bloor Street - Toronto

There's never been anything quite like the Spa at One Bloor West in Toronto. The Spa and its adjacent amenities occupy over 33,000 square feet in what will be Canada's tallest building upon its completion in 2022. The uniqueness of the design presented numerous forming challenges that could only be addressed with structural shotcrete. Torrent's talented team of planners and shotcrete craftsmen were able to successfully deliver on all exacting requirements to produce walls the likes of which have never been seen before.

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  • Design Complexity

    The drawings revealed the level of complexity that would be required.

  • Complicated Staging Requirements

    Intricate and precise staging was necessary to ensure shoot success.

  • Shooting Begins!

    The prep is finished and the shooting begins, giving shape to the architectural vision.

  • Smooth Curved Finishing

    Carefully executed finishing gives the curved walls the beautiful seamless appearance envisioned by the architects.

  • Customized Columns

    Not your average column work here! The final appearance of the columns matches the flowing, grotto-like theme of the overall design.

  • Inset Lighting Included

    The overhead shooting included the provisions for recessed pot lighting.

  • Tapered Walls

    Creating walls with different thicknesses at the top and bottom was made easy through shotcrete application.

  • Fantastic Finished Product

    The end result is the perfect execution of the design vison thanks to the flexibility and creative possibilities of shotcrete and the Torrent craftsmen. 

Lillooet Road Water Reservoir - North Vancouver

Blending a huge concrete reservoir into its natural mountain-side setting was a distinct design challenge for Metro Vancouver planners. The answer presented itself in the form of a 3-dimensional tree mural applied directly to the exterior of the round reservoir tank. Torrent worked hand-in-hand with the architects and engineers to design the custom bonding methodology and to create the desired 3-dimensional aspect integrating various shades of green into the final appearance. Shotcrete application technology and Torrent's creativity allowed the design team to envision and create a structure that fits more harmoniously with its surrounding environment.

Hover over each photo to reveal more job details!
  • Staging & Preparation

    The site is staged and prepped for shooting.

  • Show me the Colour!

    The custom-coloured shotcrete mix is applied in separate colour stages.

  • Precise, Sequential Finishing

    Each level and colour is finished separately in this sequential shoot.

  • Art Meets Functionality!

    The final product blends beautifully with its natural setting. A testament to the wonderful design possibilities with shotcrete application.

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