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Constructing walls for buildings is a major part of our business. More and more, shotcrete is becoming the go-to application technology for architects and project managers because of its quality, flexibility and speed.

VANCOUVER HOUSE - Downtown Vancouver

One of the most anticipated new structures in the downtown core was the breath-taking VANCOUVER HOUSE. Project schedulers were delighted to confirm that Torrent's ability to accelerate the concrete application process was responsible for putting the project an astounding 28 days ahead of schedule. 

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  • Shooting a Wall Panel

    Walls were shot without the need for formwork. Rebar was placed after the waterproofing envelope was set and shotcrete was placed immediately thereafter.

  • Finishing Follows Shooting

    With shotcrete, the finishing process begins immediately after concrete placement. A smooth, error-free finish in far less time than with a conventional form-and-pour application. 

  • Polished Perfection

    An ultra-smooth finished wall face is achieved through final machine polishing.

  • Skyline Stunner

    Torrent's superior expertise and craftsmanship came through loud and clear on this world-class building that industry experts say will influence world architecture for years to come.

TC Ironworks - East Vancouver

 Ironworks consists of two commercial buildings with stacked layouts combining new office spaces with industrial, warehouse and showroom space. Structural concrete underground foundations, cores and architectural/structural above-ground shotcrete walls marry up to similarly finished tilt-up panels. These features are combined with structural steel components and pre-cast floors as well. The architectural finish applied to the structural shotcrete walls matches the finish of the pre-cast tilt-up walls so closely that any visual difference is virtually unnoticeable.

Hover over each photo to reveal more job details!
  • Architect's Rendering

    The finished result as envisioned by the design team.

  • Hybrid Design

    The plan called for a combination of structural shotcrete, tilt-up panels and cast-in-place suspended slabs.

  • Joining Elements

    The pre-cast slabs are tied into the structural shotcrete walls.

  • Detailed Finishing

    The shotcrete structural wall reveals cut-in on the exposed wall.

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