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TORRENT is shotcrete.
Shotcrete is the future of building construction.
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TORRENT has brought more innovation to the shotcrete industry in Canada than all of our competitors combined! We are unquestionably the acknowledged leader in commercial and residential shotcrete applications.

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Complex shapes require very little if any form work. Architects and designers have the freedom to consider applications that would never have been practical in the past.

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TORRENT is not just a place to work. It's a place to excel. To bring your best every day and take pride in everything you do. Our team of dedicated professionals - from the front office to the field - are the best at what they do and you can count on them for industry-leading quality, craftsmanship and service.


Torrent focuses on 5 specifics sectors and performs a wide range of structural shotcrete services within those sectors. 


Waterproof shotcrete? You bet!

Waterproof shotcrete? You bet!

For all its wonderful attributes and the undeniable impact it’s had on the building industry, concrete does have one inherent challenge that can’t be avoided; it’s not waterproof. All concrete, regardless of application methodology, is susceptible to leaking when proper preparation steps are not taken. It doesn’t matter if the application methodology is shotcrete or […]


The Whole Truth

When it comes to shotcrete, there are still a few misconceptions out there. When you don’t know all the facts, you can’t make the best decisions. We’re pretty sure you’re interested in making more money, in less time and with a lot less hassle. Sound about right? Thought so. So take a look at our […]


Man Made. Naturally.

Retaining walls are functional. Everyone knows that. But what if they had to be beautiful and natural; to look like they were part of the existing environment while still ensuring the necessary structural integrity? That was the challenge Torrent faced when they were contacted by a private client in the resort town of Whistler, BC. […]


Vancouver House Update – Beating the Clock

Construction on the ground-breaking Vancouver House project in the downtown core is well underway and Torrent is giving the project owners a dramatic scheduling advantage. The numbers are in for Torrent’s work on the below-grade portion of the site and they’re impressive to say the least. Torrent’s original schedule analysis predicted a 20-day savings in […]