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TORRENT is shotcrete.
Shotcrete is the future of building construction.
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TORRENT has brought more innovation to the shotcrete industry in Canada than all of our competitors combined! We are unquestionably the acknowledged leader in commercial, civil, restorative and specialty shotcrete technology applications.

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Complex shapes require very little if any form work. Architects and designers have the freedom to consider applications that would never have been practical in the past.

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TORRENT is not just a place to work. It's a place to excel. To bring your best every day and take pride in everything you do. Our team of dedicated professionals - from the front office to the field - are the best at what they do and you can count on them for industry-leading quality, craftsmanship and service.


Torrent focuses on 5 specific sectors and performs a wide range of structural shotcrete services within those sectors. 



Tight Sites Done Right

Building it Right on a Tight Site In the downtown urban environments of today, real estate is hard to come by and increasingly expensive. As a result, every available space, no matter how small, is being investigated for potential development. With more and more people wanting to migrate to the center of cities to take […]


Growing in Toronto

The construction industry continues to boom in Toronto with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce indicating material increases in non-residential building permits and construction for the first time in four years in their 2016 Economic update. Torrent has grown right along with the industry and our 2X growth in the Ontario marketplace has necessitated the opening […]


Scheduling Champions!

Time is money. It’s true of almost all businesses and for the construction industry, time plays a huge role in overall profitability. Imagine how would it affect your bottom line if you could be 20 days ahead of schedule on a major construction project? Sound too good to be true? Well, let’s look at how […]


Big Numbers. Big Accomplishment.

At the Torrent Group, our mantra is More Wall. Every Day. But it’s not just a mantra; it’s a statement of fact. And we’ve got the numbers to back it up. In an eventful June 2016, Torrent shattered its own record for total air-placed structural concrete applied in a one-month period. The air-placement of concrete […]