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Recipe for Success

One of the most important variables in determining success in the shotcrete arena is field training. Excellence in execution come from two things – experience and education. As the training and communications director at Torrent, it’s always a great pleasure when I get to see these two variables in action at a site.

During a recent site visit to photograph our field team in action, it was very apparent to me that the unrivalled expertise and experience of our senior team leaders is being passed on to the newer members of our team on a daily basis. And passed on in a supportive, positive and enthusiastic manner.  Experienced crew members were actively mentoring our up-and-comers throughout the shoot, providing direction, encouragement, and corrective guidance when needed.

I saw Ray Breland and Eduardo Lucastegui sharing their tricks of the trade for more effective blow pipe technique;

Scott Smythe helping a hose tender to understand the best way to support the nozzleman to create greater shooting efficiency;

John Readhead coaching a nozzleman on how to create the highest quality rebar encapsulation.

A virtual harmony of experience educating a new generation to achieve the top quality that has become Torrent’s call sign in the shotcrete business. It was a great example of how Torrent works hard to be the best not only for the present, but for the future as well. When you combine experience, education, enthusiasm and execution, you truly do have a recipe for success.

Torrent Shotcrete. More Wall. Every Day.


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