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Safety Innovators – Part 2 in a Series

The Torrent HardSet Tool

In our first segment in our safety series, we looked at how the Torrent Shotcrete Blowout System provides better process control and worker safety when it comes to cleaning out hoses after a shoot

In this second segment, we look at The Torrent HardSet Tool. Determining if the recently applied concrete is hard enough to move up a level and continue the shooting process has always been a matter of experience. If the concrete has not yet achieved an acceptable hardness, continuing to move upwards and shoot above this unset concrete can cause the wall to collapse. In the past, knowing when the appropriate hardness has been achieved was based more upon experience than specific, measurable guidelines.  Less experienced workers simply don’t have the trial and error knowledge to make the right and safe call on this important decision.

Until now.

The Torrent HardSet Tool is an innovative concrete hardness measuring tool utilizing a modified pentrometer that accurately determines if concrete has set properly and is hard enough to keep shooting above concrete that’s now in place. When you know exactly when you can continue with a shoot, there’s less wasted time and work can continue at peak efficiency. Schedules are accelerated and work is completed at the fastest rate possible while ensuring a safe work environment.

The Torrent HardSet Tool provides a reliable way to ensure that shooting progress follows specific safety and efficiency guidelines. The guesswork has been effectively removed and replaced with a predictable, consistent way to ensure proper setting and safer shooting. Carl King, Torrent’s General Manager of Operations says, “We do safety because we care – we care about the health and safety of our workers as well as workers throughout the industry. Innovations like the Torrent HardSet Tool are preventing injury first and foremost, but they’re also increasing efficiency and productivity. Everyone wins.”

Torrent also believes focusing on safety can be a strategic advantage when it comes to hiring the best workers as well. People want to work for a company that puts safety at the forefront. And a top-notch safety program is never really completed. Torrent’s safety training program for employees is under constant review and renovation. “Conditions change rapidly in our industry and we always want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to worker safety,” says Carl. “I know our people appreciate the ongoing commitment we’re making to safety. Safe employees are more confident and increased confidence impacts our productivity in a real, measurable way. We believe it’s what every company in the shotcrete industry should aspire to and we’re proud of the fact that Torrent is leading the way.”

Torrent Shotcrete. More wall. Every day. Safely.

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