Time is money. It’s true of almost all businesses and for the construction industry, time plays a huge role in overall profitability. Imagine how would it affect your bottom line if you could be 20 days ahead of schedule on a major construction project? Sound too good to be true? Well, let’s look at how Torrent is making this happen for one of our clients on a project happening right now.

Vancouver House in the downtown Vancouver core promises to be an architectural gem and construction is well under way. Project developers Westbank and Icon West Construction weren’t initially convinced, however, that the shotcrete was a viable alternative to cast-in-place, one-sided forming for their highly anticipated new project. Their two points of concern centered around cost and quality. They felt that additional concrete costs involved in utilizing shotcrete compared to regular mix with cast-in-place forming would outweigh any “minor” time saving advantages.

This is a common misconception when it comes to shotcrete and Torrent was ready with detailed scenario plan that proved conclusively that the time-saving advantages were anything but minor and there would be absolutely no concerns about quality.

Focusing in on the parkade of the building, the detailed schedule analysis was developed by Gary Hawkins at Torrent and Bill Isles of Carion Construction (the contractor responsible for all formwork on the project). In it, they proved that by utilizing shotcrete technology rather than the originally planned cast-in-place methodology, all formwork requirements up to ground level could be completed a minimum of 20 days ahead of the originally proposed schedule. Needless to say, this type of scheduling improvement on a major project would translate into huge cost savings for the project owners – far greater than any initial additional concrete material costs. Torrent and Carion were also able to address any quality concerns regarding shotcrete application technology with quality assurance data derived from previous sample shotcrete mock-ups prepared for clients on recent projects.

It was evident to Westbank and Icon West that this wasn’t merely pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking; this was a confident and careful assessment based upon a wealth of experience and real-world advantages that became clearly apparent to them upon presentation. Based on the information provided by Torrent and Carion, the decision was made to utilize shotcrete for all form work right up to the ground level. Now came the big question – would the revised schedule prove to be as accurate as planned?

The answer proved to be a resounding YES! Carion has been able to take advantage of the speed of Torrent’s shotcrete application to maximize schedule gains in dramatic fashion. Just recently, Carion and Icon West confirmed the project was 17 days ahead of schedule already and projections to ground level completion indicate a savings of close to 30 days – even better than Gary and Bill had originally projected! Torrent’s ability to assist project owners and construction contractors in schedule planning and oversight helps make the time and cost savings a reality!

And all of these savings were accompanied by the industry-leading quality that Torrent is renowned for. There was no sacrifice in quality at all. In fact, no one-sided form application can match the speed and high quality of structural shotcrete. Add to that the fact that no additional finishing is required once a Torrent shotcrete application is complete and you can’t help but arrive at the conclusion that more and more project owners already have – Torrent shotcrete is the smartest choice available.

It’s really quite simple. More wall. Every day.