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Shoot to Save_REV

Shoot to Save

In just about any business you can think of, it’s a truism that time is money.  So it makes sense that any time you can save on a project schedule will equate to real bottom-line savings. But that only works if the quality is still there. Sacrificing quality simply for speed is not a recipe for success. But what if greater speed was possible without sacrificing any quality?

That’s were shotcrete is a winner in all respects. On typical projects, shotcrete accelerates construction schedules by 25% to 30%, leading to significant project cost savings.

And these types of savings are accompanied by the industry-leading quality that Torrent is renowned for. There is no sacrifice in quality at all. In fact, no one-sided form application can match the speed and high quality of structural shotcrete.

Shotcrete has all of the advantages of standard concrete materials, such as its high tensile strength, durability, fire retardation, low permeability, and thermal efficiency. It will match and even out-perform most standard concrete construction as its direct application to surfaces increases density and enhances its characteristics.

In many applications either only a one-sided form is required, or no form at all. This means that application can be completed in very short times, often a fraction of that with traditional methods, even on overhead or highly complex shapes.

Add to that the fact that no additional finishing is required once a Torrent shotcrete application is complete and you can’t help but arrive at the conclusion that more and more project owners already have – Torrent shotcrete is the smartest choice available.

It’s really quite simple. More wall. Every day.

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