Air-placed structural concrete is offering today’s engineers and architects boundless opportunities for innovation in construction design. The use of structural shotcrete has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade as application concerns from engineers have been addressed with pre-construction quality assurances.

At the recent 2016 ACI Spring Seminar in Vancouver themed around Defects in Concrete, featured speaker Levi Stoelting, Principal of Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers made it a point to clear up a sometimes common misconception about shotcrete. He reiterated to attendees that shotcrete is not a product, but rather a process. Shotcrete is concrete. It’s just concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface.

Mr. Stoelting went on the explain that the chief concern regarding structural shotcrete from an engineer’s perspective is the need to confirm that practitioners placing the shotcrete have the proven ability to ensure proper encapsulation of all reinforcing. In other words, the higher the skill of the application team, the greater the confidence in specifying structural shotcrete as a preferred application methodology.

To ensure quality, Glotman Simpson Engineers and many others require a “Mock-up” be produced prior to project initiation to ensure the densest reinforcing achievable.

An independent testing engineering firm will then cut and core the mock up and then laboratory test the samples in to ensure the shotcrete application contractor has performed adequately and that the integrity of the design criteria is met with the highest possible standards.

Air-placed structural shotcrete is held to a very high standard – higher in many cases than cast-in-place methodologies. The mock-up standard ensures that a structural shotcrete application will result in the highest quality possible and serves to allay any concerns with this industry-revolutionizing technology. For Torrent, it also functions as an independent, 3rd party endorsement of the application excellence we bring to every project we undertake. We’ve passed every test with flying colours.

Torrent Shotcrete is considered one of the very top practitioners of air-paced structural concrete and our reputation for quality craftsmanship and industry innovation is unsurpassed.

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