Construction on the ground-breaking Vancouver House project in the downtown core is well underway and Torrent is giving the project owners a dramatic scheduling advantage. The numbers are in for Torrent’s work on the below-grade portion of the site and they’re impressive to say the least.

Torrent’s original schedule analysis predicted a 20-day savings in time to ground-level as a result of their shotcrete application technology. Well, that turned out to be a bit conservative. With an average schedule acceleration of over 3.5 days per floor, Torrent was able to complete all concrete placement for 7.5 floors up to ground level an astounding 28 days ahead of the original schedule.

Torrent business development manager, Gary Hawkins said, “Our client, Carion Construction has been delighted with both the time savings and the quality of our work. The fact that we’ve come in well ahead of initial projections while keeping quality at the highest level, has more than vindicated their decision to go with Torrent.

“The schedule improvements we’ve made have allowed them to gain important additional time to account for the difficult transfer slab and high lift areas at ground level. In all buildings of this magnitude, this is usually the most difficult for any contractor to gain time. It’s gratifying to know that the Torrent team has made such a valuable contribution to Carion on this world-class project.”

Over achievement is what Torrent strives to deliver to all its clients on every project we work on. It’s really quite simple:

More wall. Every day.